Germany Moves Forward With Plans To Legalize Cannabis

Germany plans to introduce a bill to legalize cannabis, with certain changes made in response to feedback from the European Union. 

On Wednesday, the German Government approved a proposal put forward by Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s cabinet to end Germany’s fight against marijuana, becoming the first German country to do so, reports Washington Post

If the Commission approves of the plan, Germany can move forward with legalization. 

“It is important that we take this marijuana legalization bill forward, as it represents the most liberal marijuana legalization in Europe,” said German Minister Karl Lauterbach. 

The move by the nation’s coalition government represents a plan to create the most regulated market for cannabis in Europe. 

If approved by the European Commission, Germany would join a handful of other nations across the continent already allowing medical and recreational marijuana use. 

Lauterbach also said that this would be an important step for the European Union and could lead to other countries taking similar steps in their respective marijuana legalization plans. 

With this proposed bill, Germany is poised to become one of the most progressive nations on legalizing cannabis in all of Europe.

Lauterbach said that legalizing cannabis was the best way to protect public health and safety. He announced plans to establish regulated recreational sales, allowing adults to purchase cannabis for recreational use. 

Lauterbach also noted that this would help generate tax revenue for the government, as well as create jobs in the industry. This move is a major step forward for Germany, which has been lagging behind other countries in terms of marijuana legalization. 

The Federal Cabinet’s approval of the bill marks an important milestone in Germany’s journey towards legalizing cannabis for sale and consumption. 

This is a major step forward in the country’s effort to decriminalize the purchase of marijuana for recreational purposes. 

Germany will be Europe’s biggest economy to approve and sell cannabis for recreational use. In addition, it also wants to legalize the purchase and ownership of marijuana for medical purposes as well. Under this plan, people aged 18 or older will be allowed to buy up to 15 grams of marijuana per month for recreational purposes from licensed stores.

Germany’s marijuana policy is set to take a major leap forward as the government has announced a plan to legalize recreational cannabis by October 2022. 

The plan was included in a coalition agreement between the three governing parties, and it marks the first time that a major European country has moved to legalize recreational cannabis. 

While Germany has already legalized marijuana for limited medicinal purposes, this new plan is more sweeping in scope and includes provisions for the production and sale of recreational marijuana.

The plan would make Germany the first country in Europe to fully legalize cannabis use and follows Uruguay, which became the first country to do so last decade. 

In the past decade, 21 US states and Malta have also permitted possession of small amounts of marijuana. 

Thailand is expected to legalize recreational cannabis next year. This move is likely to face opposition from conservative groups in Germany.

It is important to note that the plans involve legalizing cannabis among adults and allowing controlled distribution. 

The European Court of Justice could overturn any cannabis legalization. 

Germany is Europe’s biggest economy and its move towards cannabis legalization has been slow and steady. The coalition government in place has worked together to overcome legal hurdles, but there are still discussions about how far Germany should push forward with its cannabis policy. 

With marijuana being illegal in most countries across Europe, Germany faces an uphill battle when it comes to passing laws that will allow them to move forward with recreational marijuana legalization.

On October 2nd, the German government finally gave the green light to a plan known as Berlin’s Weed Road Map and was presented by German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach. 

The road map includes a possible cannabis law given that cannabis cultivation will be allowed in certain areas of the country. 

The government has also tasked a special commission with developing a draft law that meets EU law requirements and creates a federal cannabis tax. 

Minister Lauterbach has also made it clear that any move towards legalization will require change from other European countries, specifically in regards to drug policies. By presenting this legalization blueprint, Berlin is hoping to lead the way for other countries in Europe who are looking to legalize marijuana. 

With this move, Germany may become one of the first countries in Europe to fully legalize marijuana and pave the way for other countries on their continent.