Jerome Baker Designs Chong Bong Replicas

The Simpsons, South Park, Nash Bridges, That ’70s Show, The George Carlin Show, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot have all featured Tommy Chong.

Chong is a leader of the American cannabis movement. He rose to fame in the 1970 with Cheech and Chong, and ultimately founded Chong Glass, manufacturer of bongs and more.

American bong company Jerome Baker Designs honored Chong–the two have been long time friends–with 20 Chong Bong replicas. They were sick, and like so much JBD glass, Limited Edition.

Jerome Baker used Murrini style, an ancient Egyptian glassworking technique Jason believed Tommy’s legacy demanded. Stephen Boem is one of the big Murrini artists. He was very honored to design this piece in honor of Tommy. Jerome Baker Designs has a stellar glassworking crew, including Omar Rosalles, Chris Campbell, and Ryan Paris.

In a marble encasement, tokers can see Tommy looking back at them. Hear his words:

“When you smoke marijuana, you are in the moment and you are happy. You forget about any worries of the past or the future.”

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