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Weekend Unlimited (#YOLO) Is Going Public in Canada

Cody Corrubia, President & CEO of Weekend Unlimited, recently announced his company would be going public and listing on the CSE (Canadian Securities Exchange) under the ticker #YOLO. With a huge Canadian organic farm in British Columbia, and interests in the USA and Jamaica

“We formed almost a year ago, we did a capital raise of about $18 million in about Quarter 1, and we’ve been in the process of going public the last few few months. It should be [this month],”¬†said¬†Corrubia¬†on the Follow the Money Investor Group’s YouTube channel. Weekend Unlimited will do a dual list in the United States at the appropriate time.

“I think just early on that compared to the other companies that are doing quite well, we have a lot more coming out the gate than they did,” he said. “We have a six hundred acre organic farm in British Columbia, I believe there are about four of those in country.”

He also discussed the company’s interests in a seven acre i502 zoned farm in Washington State, “which is starting to rev up revenue as we speak.”

Weekend Unlmited has also purchased interest in brands. “One is Jerome Baker, he does the big bongs, he gets a lot of press, he was on one of the late night shows this week.”

Weekend Unlimited also purchased Candid Candies. “Its a hard candy company out of Southern California. They have about 25 percent of the market share there, so we are going to help them roll out elsewhere.”

One thing he ssys the company is “really excited” about right now is Jamaica. “We just bought a project down there,” he describes. “We are one of the only Tier 3 licenses, which is the largest one. Its a ninety acre farm, indoor outdoor grow with a cafe, so tourists can go there and get a medical card, hang out for the day, and get lunch.”

He adds: “We have a 40,000 square foot facility to do extraction and processing. The tourist revenue model will work pretty well, but the export Jamaica model is where we will be focused.”

Weekend Unlmited partnered with two brothers from Jamaica and living in Canada. It is their partner that is the Jamaican citizen or resident on the license, per the law.

“We do have one of the three, and two of the others are held by companies that are traded here,” says Corrubia.

As for the states: “We are going to apply for a license in Nevada shortly. We are in process of purchasing a building zoned for cannabis there. Nevada is an unbelievable market. They get huge premiums on their flower.”

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