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Snoop Dogg, Charlie Sheen & Miley Cyrus Spark Marijuana Themed ‘Bud and Breakfast’


With Prop 64 in California State History’s past, some of the state’s best known celebrities are looking to serve those in need of a place to stay and a wake and bake.

Experts say by 2020 the state’s cannabis industry could grow into a $25 billion dollar market – and that’s just the white market!

Snoop, Charlie Sheen, and Miley Cyrus and other celebrity business partners are looking to light up the toker-tourist market in the Golden State.

Mid-priced “Bud and Breakfast” motels where weed, bonds, pipes, rolling papers and cannabis-infused edibles like candy bars and lollipops will be sold at the hotels.


The 45-year-old Snoop tweeted “I’ll smoke 2 that” when California’s election results were announced, and has already launched his marijuana investment company Leafs by Snoop.

Reports state that rap star Common is also a part of the project.

He and start-up partner Sheen, 51, have reportedly been joined by fellow celebrity investors including Miley Cyrus and actor and rap star Common.
landscape-1439416462-miley-cyrus-marie-claireThere are many Hollywood celebrities who have entered into the marijuana game, including anarchist actor Woody harrelson and country music icon Willie Nelson.
California’s no smoking law will interrupt the idea of clients lighting up in their rooms. But any true travelin’ stoner knows regular hotels more readily bust cigarette smokers than bud smokers in states like California.
According to The Sun UK, guests will light joints in outdoors areas with electric heaters in winter. Colorado motels already have put the “Bud and Breakfast” idea into full swing.


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