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San Diego County Supervisor Receives Death Threats for Marijuana Views

When the San Diego County Board of Supervisors banned medical and non-medical marijuana facilities within the unincorporated areas of the county on March 15 in a close 3-2 vote, Supervisor Kristin Gaspar informed the crowd she had received death threats over her views. 

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Gaspar, who proposed the ban in January, has had her life threatened over the proposal.

She refers to “non-civil discourse” that she should be shot, is an unfit mother and that she wants to send cancer patients to jail, which Gaspar denied.

“We have ever-growing demands on law enforcement, we have ever-growing demands on our budget. In my personal view, San Diego really can’t afford the unintended consequences on the horizon related to recreational marijuana,” Gaspar said. “We can’t afford at this time to intensify the situation, and we have an obligation to keep our communities safe and fiscally sound.”

The three-hour hearing March 15 entailed 49 speakers, the majority of whom opposed to the band and included patients, business owners and farmers.

Gaspar said it isn’t the board’s job to debate whether medical marijuana is helping patients — she believes that it is — but it is more about looking at the fiscal impact and the negative impacts on youth.

She said with the hundreds of medical marijuana patients she has interacted with, no one has brought up a lack of access. Supervisors Greg Cox and Ron Roberts voted against the ban.

Recently adopted state laws permit jurisdictions to impose bans and the county’s amendments don’t preclude the private use of medical and non-medical marijuana, as allowed by California law. The proposed zoning changes will cause three existing medical marijuana collective facilities and two other vested facilities to become nonconforming and would need to cease operations within five years.

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