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Rastafarian Church Leader Arrested After Officer Involved Shooting

A History of Threatening Law Enforcement

Her lawyer recently claimed she has had a good working relationship with police. “They had no problem calling the authorities, because they were having a problem there,” Tully said after two officers had been shot by Grossman-Lepp’s Rastafarian Church trimmer. “They have a very open-door relationship.”

In a 2016 phone call posted to her Facebook, however, she apparently berated a law enforcement officer. “You’re on my farm right now, you’re violating my rights,” Grossman yells in the since deleted video. “How many attorneys do you have working for you, because I have five and I am going to ask you to get off my property now…Did you google me before you went on my property?…Get off my property right fucking now! Get off! Are you listening? And leave my property alone! Before you come onto my property you better google my name: Heidi Grossman…”

She screams: “You break one leaf off of one of my plants I am coming after you. I’m gonna bankrupt Yuba County if you don’t get off my property right fucking now. This is bullshit. All this crap pulling. I came into your county, I tried to work with you….This is the cannabis game and this is how we play. We come in with peace, love and happiness. But, when you keep violating our rights, you’re gonna piss me off. …Who do you think you are? Do you want to call your supervisor now?”

Heidi cackles.

“I suggest you do so, and I suggest you get the fuck off my property right fucking now. I ain’t playing.” She alleges authorities have stolen millions in marijuana-related property from her.

“I’m gonna call 911! Get off my property now,” she yells into the phone “…I ain’t playing right now!  I’ve got five attorneys that work for me.”

A body painter and hair stylist until a couple of years ago, Grossman later apologized to the cannabis “community” for channeling her “inner gangster.

Grossman-Lepp has a litigious past. “Heidi Cat” – her porn name – sued Excalibur Entertainment for multi-millions dollar. The press release states Heidi quit the porn industry before the Internet and reformed her life. Excalibur, the lawsuit alleges, markets and sold products using Heidi’s real name, image and likeness to present date. Excalibur marketed Grossman as appearing in 150 films.

“Heidi entered the dark world of porn at the age of nineteen carrying the baggage of childhood sexual abuse as with most porn stars,” the press release states. “The industry accommodated coerced, and fed her drug and alcohol addiction and often used chemical and physical intimidation to further her continued participation.” Grossman authored A Porn Star Prodigy, Living To Tell All. She promised a screenplay during the lawsuit.

Sugarleaf Rasta Church leaned on legislation like the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993, prohibiting governments agencies from “substantially burdening” the exercise of religion. It also cited the Religious Land Use and institutionalized Persons Act of 2000, protecting religious institutions and discrimination in zoning and land use laws.

“They raided us because they don’t like the way we worship,” Grossman-Lepp said after raids at the end of September. “(Marijuana) is our sacrament.”

Merced County Sheriff Vern Warnke disagrees.

“I’m the sheriff, she’s a drug dealer,” he said.

Image: Sacramento Bee

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