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Berlin Political Coalition Wants to Decriminalize Cannabis

Political parties have formed a coalition in Berlin to rally for partial decriminalization of cannabis in one of the hippest cities in Europe, which could surely spread decriminalization across north Europe. Berlin’s Social Democrats, the Greens and the Left Party see an opportunity in decriminalizing the plant.

City newspapers quoted Green politician Benedikt Lux has saying the coalition had agreed to seek a “scientifically monitored pilot project for the controlled distribution of cannabis to adults.”

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Law Enforcement Launches Riot Against Standing Rock Protesters

“Police are tear gassing #NoDAPL water protectors, using the LRAD, stinger grenades, and firing less-lethal rounds into the crowd on Highway 1806 bridge in North Dakota,” reports We Are Change’s Luke Rudkowski. “Police have formed a line with armored vehicles, concrete barriers, and razor wire. It is 27° and police have begun hosing down the unarmed crowd with a water cannon. Water protectors are using a semi truck in an attempt to remove burnt military vehicles which the police chained to concrete barriers weeks ago to keep the bridge blocked on 1806.”

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A Bunch of Trippers Basically Had a Cyber Orgy & it Got Kinky

A bunch of trippers had a cyber orgy and THCist was there. Some participants indeed saw it as such, commenting on how hot it was to basically have a cyber orgy. In the spirit of important reportages bringing the truth of our time to aliens and future humans, we present to you some of the sexier comments from the cyber orgy which took place in a private group on a popular social media site where hallucinogen enthusiasts congregate. Names have been changed to protect identities. 

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