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Barack Obama Believes Pot Should be Regulated like Cigarettes and Alcohol

President Barack Obama believes pot should be regulated like cigarettes and alcohol. In an interview with culture magazine Rolling Stone, the sitting President called regulating marijuana smarter than categorizing it as a Schedule I drug.

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No Doubts And Fears With Bloom Farms All-Natural Cannabis Oil Vaporizer

The elegant packaging of Bloom Farm’s Highlighter cannabis oil makes the product stand out compared to other cannabis oil products on the market. Cool, discreet packaging features a cannabis leaf prominently below the words “Sativa Daytime – 400MG” on the 100% recyclable packaging.

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The Toronto Maple Leafs Are Trying to Stop Snoop Dogg’s ‘Leafs’ Patent App

Toronto Maple Leafs hockey franchise is going after Snoop Dogg. Owners for the NHL team recently received an extension of time to oppose two applications by Snoop Dogg for “LEAFS BY SNOOP,” filed under the rapper’s real name, Calvin Broadus. Snoop wants to register LEAFS BY SNOOP in Class 034 for “cigarette lighters not made of precious metals,” claiming he’s been using the mark in products since 2015. 

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Snoop Dogg, Charlie Sheen & Miley Cyrus Spark Marijuana Themed ‘Bud and Breakfast’


With Prop 64 in California State History’s past, some of the state’s best known celebrities are looking to serve those in need of a place to stay and a wake and bake.

Experts say by 2020 the state’s cannabis industry could grow into a $25 billion dollar market – and that’s just the white market!


Sacramento City Council Introduces $1,000 Reward for Marijuana Snitches

While Sacramento City Council member Jay Schenirer went over the state of cannabis in Sacramento at the most recent City Council meeting in the state’s capital, November 22, a little discussed incentive crept into conversation. 

The city, concerned with ensuring illegal operators are weeded out, wants to incentivize people to snitch.

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Does Legal Pot Bode Well for Calexit?

California has looong been an epicenter of cannabis culture, and with the world on the precipice of global cannabis legalization, the Sunshine State has a cool opportunity to turn that sun into greens… in more ways than one.

When proposition 215 passed in California, it put the world’s seventh largest economy to experiment with budz, startin’ in the late nineties with what the kids (back then) called ‘chronic.’ Chronics got all sorts of names these days.

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Trump Attorney General Jeff Sessions Terrifies Even Republican Marijuana Reformers

The nomination of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General of the United States terrifies even Republican cannabis reform proponents. Hunter White, Communication Director for Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition, calls the appointment a “troubling development” for the marijuana reform movement.

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Cap N’ Jazz, Make Believe Guitarist Reveals Secret Behind Trippy Riffs

Sam Zurick was born pre-1975. “It sucked,” he says. “But it was what it was and there I was.”

His favorite piece of clothing: a Van Halen themed painter’s hat covered with more than a dozen Van Halen themed novelty buttons.

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