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No Doubts And Fears With Bloom Farms All-Natural Cannabis Oil Vaporizer

The elegant packaging of Bloom Farm’s Highlighter cannabis oil makes the product stand out compared to other cannabis oil products on the market. Cool, discreet packaging features a cannabis leaf prominently below the words “Sativa Daytime – 400MG” on the 100% recyclable packaging.

Bloom Farms also offers an indica and hybrid oil, but I stayed away from that so as to stay awake long enough to pen this review.  After all, the all-natural cannabis oil contains 45-50% THC content.

As a “buy one, give one” business (a business model made popular by TOMS Shoes), Bloom Farms will, for every cannabis oil cartridge purchased, provide a meal for someone in need, and I don’t think the company means stoners with munchies.

The back of the packaging reads, “our mission is to provide millions of patients a safe way to relax, find relief, inspire creativity and have a little more fun.” HIGHLIGHTER features cannabis grown by California family farmers who “care about the land, the environment, and you.”

Bloom Farm’s makes the oil with pure CO2, “free of petroleum-based solvents.”  Each HIGHLIGHTER assures their oil is “gently refined, meticulously lab tested, and certified pesticide free.” The packaging makes clear the product is made for medical, not recreational, uses.

On the white bottom piece of the packaging, a quote by Ralph Emerson features prominently on the backside: “Don’t waste life in doubts and fears; spend yourself on the work before you, well assured that the right performance of this hours duties will be the best preparation for the hours and ages that will follow it.” The perfect quote for those who give-in to paranoia while medicating.

The cartridges’ white mouthpiece stands out from the typical black mouthpiece seen in the space. The white gives it a more modern, hip vibe compared to {the typical} black {plastic of its competitors}. The cannabis oil itself reflects the color of agave or motor oil.


As a manner of speaking,  it’s time to light this joint on fire {spark this joint?}. The cartridge hits smooth and steady {delivering a pure, carcinogen-free experience of nature’s finest remedy}. It’s the sort of cartridge where, no matter how hard you hit, a seemingly regulated amount of oil is released to ensure the cartridge is used not for recreation, but for medication. The piney taste does not give way to a lingering cannabis scent like some brands.

The high is subtle. Sometimes you hit a vape pen and you’re in outer space – way beyond the realm of medicating. As if in keeping with Emerson’s call to productivity on the packaging, that’s not the case with Bloom Farm’s HIGHLIGHTER daytime oil.

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