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Is Medical Marijuana Use Keeping Sacramento Woman from Heart Transplant?

“It seems to me like they’re just sending her just to die,” said Andrew Babcock as his fun loving 23-year-old cousin appears to near the end of her life.  Waltman uses medical marijuana for pain management and comfort. Her family says it’s her medical marijuana use, for pain management and comfort, could have led to the denial.

Summer Waltman was born with fetal alcohol syndrome, according to family, and has endured heart complications for years.

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“She didn’t ask for all of that,” Babcock told local media, “she just wanted to be a normal person.”

At just the age of 6, Waltman had heart surgery. A pacemaker was put in ten years later.
Her heart condition worsened last year after having a baby.

“Just watching her go through all this is hard,” said Babcock.

Waltman was denied a heart transplant. A medical pump which could extend her life was also denied.

“It’s devastating, for the whole family,” said Babcock, getting emotional.

A 2015 state law prohibits discrimination against medical cannabis patients in the organ transplant process. The doctor has the final say if cannabis could effect the transplant process.

Summer recently took to Facebook. “I hope I made an impact in some ppl lives I’m sorry I did everything I could,” and ” I put up one hell of a fight.”

Waltman had been seeking medical help in San Francisco until she was transferred to Mercy General late Thursday night.

Andrew Babcock says: “We’re fighting to keep her alive.”

The family has started a GoFundMe campaign towards Summer’s cause.

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