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Luxury Gift Ideas for Cannabis Consuming Loved Ones

So, you need to get presents out tomorrow by regular mail to get them to where they need to be for the holidays.  For your convenience, put together some last minute holiday ideas for those with some extra cash to spare on our loved ones this holiday season.

Whether you’re looking for gifts for the cannabis-enjoying women or men in your life, this list hopefully has something your loved ones will enjoy receiving.

The AnnaBis Collection

These luxury aroma-blocking handbags and accessories make it so when you’re cramped in tight spaces (like the elevator)  with your dank, nobody else needs to know you’ve got the chronic. This can make it easier to rest your mind when you go out into public with some sticky icky on you.

AnnaBis designs focus on women. And they are an elegant and creative gift for a bud lovin’ girlfriend, mother or just a plain good friend who you don’t want to get busted by the police for enjoyin’ a little herb now and then.  Or a lot. One of these bags will run you just under $200.


Dr. Dabber

As the first portable, battery-powered dab rig, Dr. Dabber boost is a premium rig, so you can get the perfect dosage of the oils you need. No torch required. With just one press of the button, the device is ready to vape your dabs at the perfect temperature. Only for waxes and oils, no dry herbs, so for your dabbin’ friends, here’s the perfect gift. At $150, this tool is reasonably priced.


Pax 2

For dry herbs, there’s Pax. Everyone knows someone who is obsessed with brands, and Pax is an industry leader in name recognition. It makes sense. Their products are among some of the most popular vaporizers on the market and the company has seen strong growth thanks to a concentrated marketing campaign.

The company boasts its heating element, out of Pax Labs, as one of its main selling points. A Pax 2 will currently cost you $200.


JUUL, offered by Pax Labs, is not exactly a marijuana product, but might be good for a friend looking to minimize their marijuana smoking habits. This nicotine vaporizer is said to be perfected to the consumers’ tastes, and, at any rate, is a nice gift priced at. A JUUL will run you about $50-$70.


DaVinci Vaporizer

Here’s a portable vaporizer for your loved ones who like dry herb and essential oils. DaVinci celebrates its temperature control mechanism, similar to the abovementioned Pax.

The vaporizer comes in a cool and sturdy box , and the unit looks like a walkie-talkie. Lightweight and solid, long and skinny, the battery life last for nearly two hours. DaVinci vape products will run you between $120 and $275.



For $150, this portable and durable Summit Plus and Smartphone app for cool functionality and high appeal.

Made by Vapium, this Portable Dry Herb Vape includes some cool features such as weather-proofing  for those who like camping, skiing, off-roading, and those who like other rugged durable vaporizer. So, if you need a vape that can get you medicated between 0-176 degrees Fahrenheit, even if you can’t get service to its smartphone app and bluetooth features.

Summit Plus is well-suited for extreme environments, and features an easy draw mouthpiece and a stainless steel airpath. Summit+ offers eight temperature levels between 330-440F or 160-230C. Vibration alerts notify the user when the device is getting to the right temperature.


Honest Marijuana

Organic buds aren’t easy to come by, but they are Honest Marijuana’s guarantee to Colorado residents. Not only are the buds the highest quality, but they are packaged the same way bullets were packed during World War II to keep the buds fresh.


Just look at that face. That’s Anthony White. He’s the farmer. A portrait of that alone would be worth a gift.



The AU Box

Delivered to your door at the end of each month, AU Box could make for a unique gift to your loved ones. You can choose the same theme or choose between the various AU Box offerings. Even if you have the same theme, there will be new products to try.

“We are constantly searching for new lab tested, beautifully packaged quality products to surprise and delight with you every delivery,” according to the company.


Jerome Baker Designs Custom Glass

Okay, it’s a little late to get your loved ones a beautifully custom designed Jerome Baker piece made by Jason harris himself, the man behind the glass that’s been legendary for decades.

But, that’s what makes this gift all the more precious. For one Bitcoin – the cryptocurrency designed by pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto – this awesome bubbler could be yours and you could put a sh*t eating smirk on a loved ones face.


There you have it! Now don’t that sticky icky before you order these gifts, or you might forget. If you wait long enough, you’ll get dinged for waiting too long and have to pay extra fees…or the gift won’t get there until after the holidays.

But the friends you’re buying these gifts for prob won’t mind.

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