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Law Enforcement Launches Riot Against Standing Rock Protesters

“Police are tear gassing #NoDAPL water protectors, using the LRAD, stinger grenades, and firing less-lethal rounds into the crowd on Highway 1806 bridge in North Dakota,” reports We Are Change’s Luke Rudkowski. “Police have formed a line with armored vehicles, concrete barriers, and razor wire. It is 27° and police have begun hosing down the unarmed crowd with a water cannon. Water protectors are using a semi truck in an attempt to remove burnt military vehicles which the police chained to concrete barriers weeks ago to keep the bridge blocked on 1806.”

The “physicians and tribal” healers called on police to stop life threatening acts, as reported by Sarah Swanson.


Protesters appeared to be trapped as police continued the onslaught, as a choppy video, in which its tough to make out exactly what’s going on, documents the historical standoff.

Social media noted the lack of mainstream media of Sunday’s events.

Dakota Pipeline Access protests have practically become an American pastime. A clash in late October resulted in more than 100 arrests. Approval for the pipeline came in January. By September the situation had escalated and protesters clashed with private security.

Trending under the hashtag, #NODAPL, cell phone video showed police using water cannons, flash grenades and some reported police were using gasses. Morton County Sheriff’s Officer immediately took to social media to claim a riot had broken out. Reports, which could not verified, posited an elderly woman was in critical condition after being hit by a rubber bullet.


If you read the above statement closely, you’ll see the Sheriff’s admit to being the rioters here: “Law enforcement is currently involved in an ongoing riot on the Backwater Bridge, north of a protest camp in Morton County. Protesters in mass amounts, estimated to be around 400, are on the bridge and attempting to breach the bridge to go north on highway 1806. Protesters have started a dozen fires near the bridge.”

Live updates rolled in from camp:

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