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Don Pancho’s MMC is the Original Medicated Mexican Candyman

Everyone knows Don Pancho’s is the original medicated Mexican candyman. They can recognize the flavors. 

His Piña Enchilada features chilis, lemon, and thick gooeyness,sweet and sour. His Cocada is vanilla with toasted coconut. The Valentinaaa hot sauce is spicy and savory. 

And now Don Pancho is looking scale up, bringing his homemade, fresh flavors to wider treat lovers.

 “We are looking for investors because that’s the only way it makes sense,” Don Pancho told THCist in San Diego’s South Bay. “It’s too expensive to make small batches. It’s extremely expensive. We need to buy in bulk. We use fresh fruit. I need that in bulk. I need to buy packaging in bulk to be cost effective. We don’t use preservatives. No fake products, no flavoring or anything like that. Just fresh pure ingredients.” So, Don Pancho is looking to expand his edible business.

“The medication we use is top notch. We stick strictly to wax. Top shelf wax, 75% or higher THC,” he explains of his product.

“We have distributors waiting, shops calling me.”

“I would like to keep cost to the patients low,” says Mr. Pancho. “And the only way we can do that is through buying in bulk and 20 dollars for an edible I think is excessive. ”

The dankest Mexican medicated candies on the planet are only available at events around San Diego County, so keep an eye out on Don Pancho’s Instagram to stay abreast of where you can stock up on la cronica. 

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