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Teen ‘chopped off school mate’s head and arms’ after pair smoked marijuana together

Mathew Borges, 15, has been charged as an adult for murdering his friend Lee Manuel Viloria-Paulino, 16, after the two smoked marijuana together.

Lee’s decapitated body was found Thursday by authorities. The corpses forearms were cut off and submerged in a local river.

The eleven hour autopsy speaks to how badly mutilated the boy had been, according to media. One day after getting high with, then brutally murdering his mate, Borges was arrested and later appeared in court.

Viloria-Paulino and Borges often hung out by the Merrimack River in Lawrence, Massachusetts, claim police files, where the victim’s body was discovered by an unsuspecting dogwalker.

Viloria-Paulino went missing November 18. CCTV caught the pair going to the river to hang out. Authorities posit the murder took place shortly thereafter.

Police state that Borges confessed to the crime, having told a witness in the case that “he did something bad,” adding  “Mathew then told him that he stabbed a kid and cut his head off, killing him.”

The Boston Globe reports the pair smoked marijuana earlier in the day.

Borges didn’t react to his friend missing, according to people familiar with the duo.

“People would talk about Lee and he would show no emotion to it. You would expect him to because they were friends,” a  classmate said.  “He was just a kid that got into a lot of trouble; he would always get into trouble at school.”

According to another classmate, Borges was a “smart kid” and even a “gentleman.”

Mental illness is a much publicized problem in the US. Marijuana, also, has been known to cause schizophrenia in prone users.

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