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The First Cannabis Adult Expo is Coming to California

Natalie Villaseñor has made a name for herself running the Crazy San Diego brand, under which she has hosted highly successful cannabis events such as INKnDABZ all over San Diego County. As that brand has grown, she’s found the opportunity to take it on tour outside her hometown. Now, she’s starting a new event , called StripnDabz , which will see its inaugural edition take place March 3 at a private location. THCist sat down with Ms. Villaseñor  to learn about the event and hosting cannabis events in San Diego.

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A Bunch of Trippers Basically Had a Cyber Orgy & it Got Kinky

A bunch of trippers had a cyber orgy and THCist was there. Some participants indeed saw it as such, commenting on how hot it was to basically have a cyber orgy. In the spirit of important reportages bringing the truth of our time to aliens and future humans, we present to you some of the sexier comments from the cyber orgy which took place in a private group on a popular social media site where hallucinogen enthusiasts congregate. Names have been changed to protect identities. 

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