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Category: Crime

Australia Silk Road Trafficker Gets Jail Time Judge Says He Must Serve as Example to Others

A man from the Sunshine Coast of Australia was sentenced for serious drug offenses including importing marketable quantities of border-controlled substances across the border. Dylan…

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Man with vitiligo jailed five years after cops find cannabis plants in home

When police searched a man with the skin condition vitiligo and found cannabis, they then searched his home and found a so-called ‘cannabis factory’, cocaine and £12k stashed under his bed.

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Teen ‘chopped off school mate’s head and arms’ after pair smoked marijuana together

Mathew Borges, 15, has been charged as an adult for murdering his friend Lee Manuel Viloria-Paulino, 16, after the two smoked marijuana together.

Lee’s decapitated body was found Thursday by authorities. The corpses forearms were cut off and submerged in a local river.

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Sacramento City Council Introduces $1,000 Reward for Marijuana Snitches

While Sacramento City Council member Jay Schenirer went over the state of cannabis in Sacramento at the most recent City Council meeting in the state’s capital, November 22, a little discussed incentive crept into conversation. 

The city, concerned with ensuring illegal operators are weeded out, wants to incentivize people to snitch.

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