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Cannabis Lab: Up to 80% of Cannabis Industry May Rely on Pesticides

“This is a first in agriculture,” SC Laboratories Research and Development chemist Josh  Wurzer says. “Almost as much as 80% of the [cannabis] industry relies on pesticides for mites, fungicides, molds and mildews for cannabis products. All these cannabis producers are going to learn that regulation could mean cannabis is the only crop disallowed from using pesticides.” It’s an assertion with which not everyone agrees.

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Luxury Gift Ideas for Cannabis Consuming Loved Ones

So, you need to get presents out tomorrow by regular mail to get them to where they need to be for the holidays.  For your convenience, put together some last minute holiday ideas for those with some extra cash to spare on our loved ones this holiday season.

Whether you’re looking for gifts for the cannabis-enjoying women or men in your life, this list hopefully has something your loved ones will enjoy receiving.

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