Does Legal Pot Bode Well for Calexit?

California has looong been an epicenter of cannabis culture, and with the world on the precipice of global cannabis legalization, the Sunshine State has a cool opportunity to turn that sun into greens… in more ways than one.

When proposition 215 passed in California, it put the world’s seventh largest economy to experiment with budz, startin’ in the late nineties with what the kids (back then) called ‘chronic.’ Chronics got all sorts of names these days.

Although Washington, Oregon and Colorado beat Cali to wreck, California remains home of the chronic.

Just think of all the stoney things that are California.



Cheech & Chong

Since the election of Trump, rumors of a Calexit abound.

The hashtag #Calexit gained popularity. Public figures have even supported Calexit like California State Assemblymember Evan Low.

There have been populist movements as late in Catalonia, Britain, Italy and Iceland. Don’t laugh Calexit off! In Trump’s USA, anything’s possible.

Marijuana could play a potent role in California’s succession movement. It’s currently a $6 billion market, and with legalization down the pipeline its likely that number will increase quickly. USA Today reported last week it could be a $25 billion dollar opportunity. ┬áCalifornia’s GDP was $2.5 trillion in 2015.

So, what do you say California? How about a green succession?

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