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AEG Isn’t Happy About Coachella-Festival Themed Pre-Rolls

AEG, the entertainment behemoth that puts on Coachella and many other festivals, sent cannabis company Lowell Farms an immediate cease and desist letter after the company’s Coachella blend of pre-rolled joints went viral online.

“AEG has demanded Lowell Farms remove any posts tagged #Coachella and to cease using the tag,” according to a press release about the letter. 

Lowell Farms had sought to become the first official cannabis sponsor of Coachella. It also planned to donate all profits from its Coachella blend pre-rolled joints to NORML.

“Lowell Farms has no desire to get into a prolonged legal battle with such an established and well funded company, however they are working to find a creative solution to deliver this special blend to festival goers,” the press release said. 

Lowell Farms, based in Santa Barbara, California, has a large celebrity social media following. Reggie Watts, The Game, and Sarah Silverman have all posted about the farm.

Enlarge the image below to see AEG’s letter.


Maybe Lowell Farms should have called ’em the “Coachella Valley” pre-roll pack.

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